Zlin – a town with a tradition of acrobatic planes and Bata flying competitions – is also the birthplace of Nirvana paramotors. Just like their forerunners, Nirvana machines are also known for their safety, reliability, elegance and performance. 

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Simple packing and easy handling.
What are the main arguments when choosing a Nirvana paramotor? Reliability. Nirvana paramotors are famous for their problem-free running and high level of safety. This is the most important condition for safe flying. The only thing that is left for you to do is to fill with fuel and do not underestimate the pre-flight checks.
The Nirvana light design will lift you off the ground like a breeze even if you will not be able to do it the first time. Such a light and well balanced paramotor will allow you to fly for long hours with the engine turned off which can be easily started later.
With Nirvana, you can be in the air within a few minutes from arriving at the airport. After landing, you can again pack everything into comfortable packaging and simply load it to the car or even better, take a plane to see another part of the world. You never have to leave Nirvana at home, ever.
We all know that looks are not everything, although it does look better if your plane looks more like a Ferrari than a grass mower. The substantial Nirvana design connects good looks and simple maintenance. All that, along with some finely tuned details will ensure you will receive the attention of not only the experts but also the general public. 


4 Motor paragliding is the cheapest form of motor flying. Completing the course and receiving your licence does not require any previous special experience. The average pilot learns to fly in 7 days (aged from 16). While observing the basic flying regulations, you can fly almost anywhere in the world. It is the only plane that you can carry with you anywhere.

You can:

• Take off on our own, with no assistance, even from a completely flat surface.
• Take off from sandy ground, snow and even a field.
• Take off from an area the size of a football pitch and land in the meadow behind a house.
• Fly in still air or gentle wind conditions.
• Fly in the morning, afternoon and evening in summer or winter.
• Fly close to land or at the height of 5 km.
• Fly a five minute circle in full view of the takeoff area or enjoy a hundred kilometre flight lasting up to three hours.
• Turn the engine off, glide in the thermal currents, then start it again or comfortably land without the engine on.
• Sit in our seat and see the most beautiful views. 

rodeo takeoff


When choosing a paramotor, it is important to observe the following criteria:

Weight of the pilot.

For lighter pilots, the more suitable paramotors are those with a lower power; alternatively a heavier pilot will need a higher power paramotor for safe take off.
Flight experience.

A beginner pilot should always seek the advice of an experienced instructor when choosing equipment.
Flying style.

For recreational flying, paramotors with a smaller diameter propeller are recommended, for sport or competition flying then a larger diameter propeller is necessary. Tandem flying requires a paramotor with the highest power possible. 



The harnesses are ergonimicaly made, and provide safety and comfort to the pilot. To fit perfectly they are made in four sizes: 

harness size